Specialist for the Casting of Synthetic Resin

EMHA GmbH is a specialist in the installation of castable synthetic resin for foundation work in shipbuilding / marine and industrial applications. For our cast foundation work,

conventional fitting steel parts are replaced by the special epoxy resin CHOCKFAST. The synthetic resin is simple to install and offers reliable protection against corrosion for surfaces which are difficult to access.


Engines, transmission systems, stabilisers, crane rails and tank brackets, as well as plant to be installed on sub-frame constructions can be perfectly chocked by casting CHOCKFAST in situ. CHOCKFAST is also ideally suited to the chocking of deck winches by casting in situ, as it offers not only precision fixing but also prevents corrosion below the winches.

Training and Supervision Service

Apart from marketing and casting first-class synthetic resin, EMHA GmbH also offers advanced training programmes and a reliable supervision service. Staff at EMHA GmbH boast a long tradition of experience and are highly qualified, motivated, great team players and very service-oriented.

Oststrassse 110
22844 Norderstedt

Phone: +4940468975703
Fax: +494025155150

Mobile: +491636153116


  • closures in bulkheads and decks
  • hatchcovers/seals
  • doors outside
  • propulsion plant
  • diesel engine plant
  • shaftings, greasing and cooling devices
  • journal bearings, thrust bearing
  • stem tunnel sealings
  • rudder with shaft and bearings
  • steering gear
  • hand rudder propulsion
  • transverse propulsion
  • stabilisation plant
  • winches and capstans
  • boat launching gear
  • cranes and lifting devices
  • tools and spare parts

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