Gebr. Friedrich GmbH & Co KG Schiffswerft

At the Gebr. Friedrich Schiffswerft ships up to 110 meters length and 4 meters beam can be berthed and ships up to 50 meters can be slipped. This shipyard, funded in the year 1921, counts as flying shipyard. If there are technical defects on yachts, cruisers, container freighters or ferries, employees

of Gebr. Friedrich will be short term at your disposal at any time. Together with the Gebr. Friedrich Industrie- und Elektrotechnik nearly all tasks can be fulfilled in a competent, flexible and quick manner.

Gebr. Friedrich GmbH & Co. KG Schiffswerft
Prieser Strand 15a
24159 Kiel

Phone: +49431394270
Fax: +494313942777


  • classification
  • vessel with outfit and equipment
  • steel work at hull and superstructures
  • stainless steel and non-ferrous metals
  • bollards, clamps, fairleads, leash conduction
  • anchor equipment
  • closures in bulkheads and decks
  • hatchcovers/seals
  • window
  • watertight doors
  • doors inside
  • doors outside
  • insulation
  • interior walls/ceilings
  • furniture
  • deckfloorings inside
  • sanitary installations
  • cathodic corrosion protection
  • paint coating
  • propulsion plant
  • exhaust gas line
  • cooling water systems
  • surveillance und alarm devices
  • shaftings, greasing and cooling devices
  • journal bearings, thrust bearing
  • stem tunnel sealings
  • couplings
  • propeller
  • booster pumps
  • filters
  • piping and valves
  • content measurement and bearing devices
  • operational plant
  • rudder with shaft and bearings
  • winches and capstans
  • bilge pumps
  • ballast water plant
  • piping
  • valves
  • sea water extinguishing systems
  • water spray fire-extinguishing installation
  • sewage systems
  • lavatory and urinal outfits
  • drainage and scupper equipment
  • garbage grinder
  • fans incl. Electric motors
  • ventilation lines, valves, ducts
  • fuel outfits

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