Dear members and interested parties of the SPKC,

the year 2020 has so far proved to be a very difficult year, of course, and in particular caused by the Coronapandemic. However, on behalf of the committee, we hope that you have so far defied all odd sand, above all, remaind healthy. Our hope explicitly includes your families, employees and colleagues as well as their families. The restricition that have been inforce since march have consequently also massively hampered the activities of the committee and the work of the asscociation.

Planned events for you as members and interested parties, as well as board meeting could not take place or were postponed indefinitely. On behalf of the committee, we now hope that the measures to be implemented in the coming weeks to exit from the lockdown. Alltough we assume that there are posibilities for this at earliest in july.

We wish you all the best and you soon in a personal circle.

Dr. Volker Behrens

Feb. 2020

SPKC goes Müden – we are pleased that we were able to participate in the first Inspector Seminar in Müden.

After the sudden death of Captain Wolfgang Hintzsche and the general situation the two follow-up dates will unfortunately have to be canceled.


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